Hackathon – Social WiFi, Pozytywnie.pl and SEEDiA!

Hackathon is a kind of marathon which is based on completing a certain objective. It’s mostly targeted to software developers, graphic designers or project managers. It usually lasts one or two days, during which they work on achieving a goal which is set at the beginning of the hackathon. The teams of Social WiFi, Pozytywnie.pl and SEEDiA decided to try their hands in a similar undertaking.

The event began on December 8th in the morning and ended on December 9th, when the last person left the office. Contrary to the original version, every person chose their own goal. The implication was that the activity should either be something completely new, or something that will make every-day work more productive or more pleasurable.

The Hackathon caused quite an agitation, since for many members of the teams it was the first event of such kind. However, the atmosphere quickly became more relaxed thanks to snacks, food deliveries and mutual talks about projects.

We were also visited by Rafał Agnieszczak, the creator of such businesses as Fotka.pl or Szafa.pl, who supported the teams in their tasks with his insight. A few days later the companies have gathered to conduct a summary, during which everyone shared the results of their work in a form of a short presentation.