Głęboczek Vine Resort & SPA uses Social WiFi

Głęboczek Vine Resort & SPA has implemented smart Wi-Fi for marketing, analytics and client communication.

According to Hotel Chatter, 94% of hotel guests claim that free Wi-Fi is one of the most important hotel amenities. Amba Hotels state that 64% of hotel guests take Wi-Fi into consideration when it comes to choosing their stay. These statistis show that Wi-Fi network is not only a convenience, it’s a necessity. Social WiFi allows hotel owners direct communication with their guests, analysis of acquired data, feedback gathering using various methods and using different channels of online marketing, says Artur Racicki, CEO of Social WiFi.

Social WiFi is a tool that makes it possible to learn and satisfy the needs of the Guests, while building a relations with them. After logging in the network, our Guests receive an email containing information on the hotel and local attractions. We communicate our promotions in real time using Wi-Fi. Social WiFi is a great asset in building a client base and exporting it to SALESmanago – it allows us full marketing automation. Surveying our service quality using the star-rating system, which is also integrated with TripAdvisor, is very important to us as well, adds Grzegorz Jarzębski, the President of MPM SPA Hotels Board of Directors.