April 2020 Product Update

Although the pandemic is affecting all of us, we’re continuously working (remotely) to make the product better. 😉

New branding wizard

Screenshot - new branding wizard

We have introduced some new mechanics to our branding editor. You can now see a preview of a login page and an email to adjust your colour scheme better; what is more, we have added overlays and some suggested colour palettes.

User search and deletion

Screenshot - user search and deletion

Now you can search for particular users in the User Data tab. Additionally, to make staying GDPR-compliant slightly less awful, there is an option to remove users directly on the list.

Listed installation guides

Screenshot - installation guides

As the configuration guides for different hardware manufacturers are being constantly updated, it might be hard to keep track of where to get the latest information – now it’s all listed in the Access Points tab.

Other improvements

  • Updated Ubiquiti UniFi preview: the preview for Ubiquiti UniFi configuration has been updated to reflect the login page.
  • Changing default language: you can now change the default language of your venues – if you are not interested in an English default, for example, feel free to change it to your local language.
  • Optimised project statistics: if your network is using multiple APs, the process of adding them in the panel might have not been the most comfortable. Now it’s as simple as copying and pasting a list!