5 steps to boost revenues in your shops with Wi-Fi


The world changes in a very rapid and more unpredictable way it did a few decades ago. The same  happens with trends, even more with people’s needs. Today’s competitive market forces to rethink marketing strategies and ways to reach customers who are less willing to pay attention to conventional ads. Therefore the need to personalize messages sent to customers is becoming more and more important nowadays. How to achieve that? Luckily, parallelly to the sophistication of needs of customers, technology follows. Last few years were undoubtedly impressive in case of mobile technology development. Presently almost everyone has a smartphone, tablet or any other kind of mobile device with access to the internet. What’s more important, using them became so intuitive that even 2 year old kids can do that. We’ve been spending so much time with our smartphones that they’ve become a vital part of our culture. Statistically speaking, smartphone users carry them around 22 hours a day. This is why marketers and business owners look into the future of advertisement with great hope. We, as potential clients, carry devices which are perfect to present content to us, as well as are complementary to offline marketing, making the users choose a way they want to see a message and do shopping seamlessly. This kind of marketing is booming right now – it’s called omnichannel. As a result, a question emerges – how to use it efficiently? It’s all about communication with the client. To do that right you have to use a channel that your customer is eager to see, language that he understands and, with no doubt, an offer he is willing to consider. That is not possible without getting some information about potential shopper. This is the barrier every shop owner has to face at this point. The perfect case of that situation is happening in shopping malls, where the variety of stores and services is so broad that it’s almost impossible to guess the reason of visits of particular individuals. According to that problem, the solution may sound trivial – Wi-Fi. Here are our top 5 reasons to use Wi-Fi in stores and shopping malls.



  • Getting to know your customers



With tools like Social WiFi, you are able to gather data about customers in your shop and analyze them in a simple and effective way. As long as you provide Wi-Fi signal with our service it is possible to check customers age, gender, time of visit or even fanpages that particular individual had liked. All of that happens automatically and is stored in a database. This kind of information is crucial when creating efficient marketing campaign and helps to have more personalized relation with the customer.


    1. Mystery shopper – save money, gather opinions


Mystery shopper is a test of quality service in practice. It’s very effective but needs preparations and it lacks the spontaneous element of a regular customer. In addition, every mystery shopper has to be paid for the job, which may affect the results of the survey and definitely your budget. With our five star ranking system you are able to collect opinions about your services and in case of such intent from customers side – interact with him online.


    1. Increasing your revenue and footfall


Providing Wi-Fi signal in a store is an additional asset in the battle over customer attention. Furthermore, research shows that besides added value as a feature, it affects your revenue with 2% increase. With such service, you can promote only content you want to see in your network. For example, in case of shopping mall – offers linked only to tenants. This helps them to promote, increase footfall and makes you more competitive on the market as an owner.



  • Redirecting from online to in-store and vice versa.



If you have both online and offline store you can take double advantage of service. Every time your customer visits a store, spends a few minutes there but leaves without making a purchase is bothersome. In addition,  it’s highly possible that after few more minutes without a purchase your offer won’t be even remembered anymore. With our service, you can use gathered data  to send an adjusted offer to the specified customer with less effort and money. For example, contact only those who spend more than 5 minutes in the store to make sure that you can describe that individual as a target, not just a regular passerby. With remarketing codes, your marketing campaign will be shown to the customers interested in specified offer and as a result affect the cost of CPC ads. It can be lowered even by half. All of that makes customers more eager to buy your product and it’s only your choice to encourage them to do that online or to visit the store again, depending on a message you want to send them.


    1. Building competitive advantage and customer loyalty


70% of clients carry Wi-Fi capable devices and 50% feel comfortable making a large purchase in-store if Wi-Fi access is available. Providing wireless internet in store becomes a standard. If you want to attract this group of consumers you definitely should provide such service as free internet. However only with Social WiFi you can stand out and make your contact more personal, therefore – build loyalty. You can think of a way to build very interesting and more comfortable loyalty program than a regular card. It could, for example, use connection to Wi-Fi as a registration and every visit after as action which could be gratified with a small gift and personal message. It could be just: ‘Thank you for visiting our store, hope to see again soon’, but it would definitely be noticed. The possibilities are undoubtedly wide and are limited only by the imagination.